Extreme Wedding Cake Makeover Ideas in Houston, TX

Saving Wedding Cakes

Having traditional wedding cakes in Houston, TX is not that bad after all but the fact that it is too common and you already have the resources to make it unique then such cake is somehow left behind. Though this iconic cake is the best that you can get especially if you don’t have enough budgets but it doesn’t mean that you will stick to it. Gone are those days when wedding cake is as white as snow with couple as topper; in today’s generation there tons of ideas that you can use in order to make your wedding cake in Houston, TX as unique and memorable.

wedding-cakeHaving an alternative bridal cake is a huge deal today. You can either go with something magical or fun and fresh. There are thousands of possibilities that you can opt if you want a unique cake. Don’t hinder yourself from giving an old wedding cake a new look.

Who really don’t love a makeover show? Thousands of TV subscribers in America today are hooked with makeover show. Basically it is a show where host give a new look to an old and traditional concept. Makeover doesn’t just stop from home renovation and body appearance. It is also applicable to wedding cakes; if you haven’t done any makeover yet then you may want to consider looking at youtube videos or bridal magazine for some creative ideas.

First that you can do and probably the simplest way to makeover your cake is to add topper; there are various toppers that are available in the market today and most of them are not traditional. You can find it in your baker shop or even in craft stores. You just need to use your imagination to come up with something unique. There are also some edible toppers that you can use. Most of these toppers are from sugar, chocolate, and fondant. There are also some stores that offer custom made topper but it will require you extra dollar but still affordable.

To go beyond tradition is something that everyone is looking forward. Having a theme cake will make the celebration more exciting. You don’t need to stick with traditional wedding cakes in Houston, TX. The cake will not only fit your theme but also it will showcase your taste and style. You can ask your local baker if they are capable of providing you such cake. Try to search online for possible design. You can even have sculpted cake.

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