Custom Engagement Ring

engagement ringEven if you are sure that you and your girlfriend truly love each other, never dare to give a proposal without the ring. During the proposal, it is that shiny and sparkling big rock that you will offer to her that makes it more anticipating for women. Expensive or not, make sure that you get to put a worthy engagement ring on your future bride’s lovely finger. If you have not decided where to buy an engagement ring yet, better consider having it customized. With this, your girlfriend will surely appreciate the effort you put on by giving her a proposal ring that is more personal and matches her style.

For a custom engagement ring, you can make a good start by getting great ideas from the following resources.

Internet. Well, the search must always have to start somewhere. The most convenient would be through surfing the net. You can start asking help from the infamous Google to give you ideas of what an engagement ring should look like. By searching for images, you will be given hundreds of results of vintage engagement rings from simple to extravagant ones. You may also take this chance to search for tips and ways on how you can save on a custom engagement ring.
Magazines. Bridal magazines are now available. This will help you not only for your engagement ring but for your other wedding needs as well in case your girlfriend will say yes. Different designers and jewelers, from independent to well-known ones, are featured in bridal magazines to offer their items.

Jewelry Stores. It could be the store you pass by every time you go home from work or the one you encounter online. Manager of leading Houston jewelry store, Rice Village Diamonds, said recently that jewelry boutiques and online retailers of engagement rings now offer the opportunity to design your own engagement ring with the assistance of specialists.

From your ascendants. Taking a closer look to your mother’s and grandmother’s engagement ring, or even their wedding rings, will not hurt during your search. They are women and they know which type of rings other women would love to wear. Observe if they share your girlfriend’s style as well.

Keen observation. Even if you have already enough ideas from the stated resources above, the most important thing is the preference of your special someone. Observe your girlfriend’s style by the way she dresses. Is she classy? A bit playful? Too simple? Girly? Not so feminine? You may even have a look at the accessories she wears. Is she into jewelry pieces that have big gems? Are these colored? And more questions will arise. Just make sure that you don’t make your investigation too obvious or else you will get caught even before you pop the question.

There are many ways on how you can get ideas for a customized engagement ring. It does not mean it has to be a 1-carat diamond which could be a bit heavy on your budget. There are other gems you could use such as birthstones. For a more personal engagement ring, you might as well have it engraved with a special message.